[Bite-Sized] Video #2 of The Rhythm Of Learning Mini-Course

Welcome back!

In your first lesson we discussed the different forms of play and how we, as humans, as mammals use play naturally as a form of learning. This is know as The Romance Stage or Initial Play Stage.

But if you want to go deeper into a subject you need more training. You need more precision. More skill work and practice. More Deliberate and Deep Practice.

This is Whitehead's 2nd stage, the Precision Stage. At this point it's all about discipline and doing things just right. The emphasis is on skillful execution and not making mistakes. This stage is dominated by the unavoidable fact that there are right ways and wrong ways and definite truths to be known.

So pull up your sleeves and get to work. In Lesson #3 I'll share with you the larger picture and how to use each lesson on a micro and as well as a macro level. See you soon.