"Iron Kimono is not a method or a system. A method implies a step-by-step systematic process. Something very much planned and linear with a proven system that you can pick off a shelf and follow from A to Z in a logical and orderly fashion.

I simply believe that does not exist in or any form of training including athletic development, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or any other movement practice. 

Iron Kimono then, is more of an approach. An approach implies a road, a path, a direction and a frame of mind, perhaps even a philosophy, but not a formula of rules to be followed. 

Perhaps methods and systems are important but I've found that no two people are alike. There is no universal cure. What resonates with you and your body may not resonate with anyone else. 

Success depends on you and your own unique situation, drive and practice. However, I do offer guidelines and some things to think about and explore that may run contrary to conventional wisdom on how to be healthy, strong and resilient. 

For far too long the movement and Jiu-Jitsu world has focused on movement and technique accumulation at the expense of movement and technique execution.

To make great movement a reality, we must act, experiment, fail, adapt and learn on a daily basis.

"Iron Kimono" is my humble effort to provide this missing curriculum.

Through my popular videos and live events I like to share practical and pragmatic, action-oriented insights from martial artists and movers from ancient and deep traditions.

At "Iron Kimono" I don't want to give you more and more moves or techniques - I want to empower and inspire you to make good on the ones you have.