Getting Started? How to Build Momentum in your BJJ Training

You can plan, plan and plan your BJJ Training but planning does not produce any training momentum.

You’ve got to start moving. You’ve have to do something, anything to start your training process/momentum and build your movement/BJJ practice. 

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves.
— Albert Einstein

It’s much easier to start with something very small, like a brief 10-15 minute training session instead of stressing over your huge training plan.

What small change can you make right now? Arrive at BJJ class 10 minutes early and jump some rope? Drill? Maybe some hindu push-ups?

Here are 3 action steps you can take right now to build your BJJ fitness:

1.Do at least 1 thing everyday to build your BJJ fitness. This doesn’t need to be anything too intense or complicated. Be willing to try new things. If something isn’t working or isn’t enjoyable please move onto the next thing. Just keep doing something until you find out what works for your and your BJJ game.

2. Find cool, motivated people to hang out with. You are a reflection of the people you hang out with so associate with successful and motivated people that take their health, fitness and BJJ seriously. Listen to and watch interviews with successful people. Read about their lives and their habits. This will help you develop a great mindset for your own life and training.

3. Remember, nothing gives you confidence on the mat like being in great shape. When you do the work and put in your time you know that there’s nothing more rewarding than being in-shape. You’ll be able to push the pace and impose your BJJ game.

Just keep enjoying your BJJ lifestyle. Life rewards those that love what they do, so do something.