The Strength Garden

As you know, the destination that we first set out for isn't always where we end up.  Often times that initial goal was simply the boost or impetus we needed to set foot out the door and make that crucial first step.

As we pursue our goals, we sometimes find those goals changing and the things we first thought important taking a back seat to things we later find more vital.

So, it is.  What I thought at first was a final destination has proven to be the first step of a much more complex and exciting journey.  One that may prove even more challenging yet has already shown itself to be absolutely essential.

Looking back it all seems inevitable; as I began my own journey it became plain that I would find myself in pursuit of my own personal quest and a new goal – The Strength Garden.

The Strength Garden stands not in opposition to but as an evolution of my other projects.  As the father of three vibrant, growing boys it has become crucial to me to leave a legacy of substance.  I take seriously the admonition to leave the world better than I found it and the Strength Garden is a big step in that direction.

The goal of The Strength Garden is to stem the tide of the growing lethargy and anti-physicality that has gripped the Western World; Children no longer play the way they used to; As a result they've forfeited much of their development both physical and mental and as a species we suffer for it.

Jason C. Brown- The Strength Garden Guy

The Strength Garden aims to provide practical solutions.  Using much of the lessons learned in my other work, we will apply them directly to the issues of childhood lethargy, obesity and attention deficit/hyperactivity.

Workshops and educational outreach are only part of the mission.  Beyond these lie  a practical solution – playground design.  Playgrounds retooled as actual “strength gardens,” functional components of households, community areas and schools, entailing productive gardens, exercise and play equipment all put together in a manner both functional and harmonious, designed to appeal to all aspects of human enjoyment.

Our goal is nothing short of a movement, it's aim to restore the best of our humanity, through a rediscovery of our physicality and a return to the totality of the human experience.

I hope you'll join me.