Every good Jiu-Jitsu player & Martial Artist needs a place to store their tools, create their works of art and refine and explore their craft. 

That's exactly why I created The Bamboo Academy.

Within The Bamboo Academy we’ll have deep and detailed discussions on many of the classical books that have shaped my way of thinking, moving and coaching and how that can help you!

When possible we’ll also be speaking with the author of each book or featured teacher, coach or expert.

There will also be how-to, inspirational and instructional videos. Many of them. Yep. Lots. But most importantly, we’ll be supporting one another by taking persistent and meaningful action on each subject covered.

Topics we'll be covering: 

Athletic Development

The Gentle Arts of Judo & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Natural Gymnastics & Movement

Play & Nature

Physical Education & Mental Stimulation

Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training

Simplicity & Minimalist Training

Skill Development & Refinement


If the value and enjoyment you receive from my work is worth $27 a month I would love to have you as a member of The Bamboo Academy.

Members of the Bamboo Academy RECEIVE Free Digital Copies of all my programs & Guides and Substantial DISCOUNTS ON ALL of my LIVE EVENTS. YOU'LL ALSO GET THEM FIRST...BEFORE ANYONE ELSE.

Some Bamboo Academy Guides currently under cultivation:

  • Thunder Snow - Secret Subtitle
  • Balboa- Another Secret Subtitle
  • Ritual- The Last Secret Subtitle I promise.

Questions ?

Why should I become a member of the Bamboo Academy?

•Because you enjoy the content, quality and coaching unique to me and my work.
•Because you’ve found value here and in my work and would like to see the site continue to grow and prosper.
•Because you think I’m sexy and charming?
•Because you believe in supporting independent professionals!

And if I don’t become a member?

That’s absolutely fine. There will always be a ton of free information shared here on my Be Like Bamboo Blog. I’m very happy you stop by. Your time and attention is greatly appreciated.

With all this being said I sincerely hope you consider becoming a member of The Bamboo Academy and the full-time cultivation of strength, movement and martial art. I look forward to sharing with you.